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I forgot my E-Mail password, how can I change it?

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  1. Login with your customer number under 
  2. Click on the navigation on your left side on Webhosting
  3. Go to the hosting where the e-mail address resides and click on the orange cPanel logo

  4. Scroll to the Section Email and click on Email Accountsc4750241fc3b8479f0e5a414b90f1d1839a578d02a79fd61004b73bb054ef85578898743644e5f4f?t=5576bcb43f9461371c6e3939a0518918
  5. You'll see a table with all the e-mail accounts under your hosting, look for the affected address and then click on the button Manage5a728a69f073f42faad4d4dedd85ad30e4c0461688ceb53974e9688baccc384ae018d591831846cc?t=a023c6bdf0dad2d911dd0207341f3c95

  6. On the field New Password you can enter a new one or Generate a random string suggested by cPaneleda320b768ab2f52a37b8614d0be9677df71f9dad52e95549c3d5fab7e7f9bbf1a8c4f5c00c7ffd1?t=6bd0e7b497f6ba044d87c3001c058d2f

  7. Finally, save your new password by clicking on "UPDATE EMAIL SETTINGS"


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